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Sabeena Bubber offers clients outstanding mortgage services by keeping their best interests at heart

With over twenty years of experience, Bubber helps clients receive the best rates while saving them thousands

“As long as you have a mortgage, you have a mortgage partner,” says Sabeena Bubber of Xeva Mortgage.

For twenty-plus years, Bubber has helped her clients “not only get the best rates for their mortgages but save tens of thousands of dollars on their mortgages over the life of their mortgage. I’ve worked in consumer finance for almost 30 years.”

After gaining her business degree and spending seven years in consumer finance working for lenders, Bubber says she wanted to start working for consumers instead. 

“I was working for a bank, and I could see how the banks were requiring us to sell specific products to the clients because they improved the bank’s profitability and retention,” she explains. 

“I wanted to move into a more independent role that would allow me to represent the client’s best interests rather than the bank’s best interest. Banks can match our rates, but they won’t change their products.  Their staff are not equipped to provide advice pertaining to navigating through challenging markets and interest rate climates (i.e., financial crisis, pandemic, inflationary interest rates, etc).

“It was the best move I ever made. I still work with some of my clients from twenty years ago and am now helping their children.”

Recognized and awarded for outstanding philanthropy and community service nationally and provincially through a number of professional organizations, Bubber was a finalist for Mortgage Broker of the Year in 2022. Canadian Mortgage Professional Magazine (CMP) called her a woman of influence in the Canadian mortgage industry and inducted her into their Hall of Fame in 2020. 

Still, Bubber is proudest of the organization she founded, called Brokers Who Care, a collective of 200+ mortgage brokers across Canada who contribute $100 per month so “we can send $10,000 to two families (one in Eastern Canada and one in Western Canada) that are in need of financial assistance,” she describes, “To date, we have helped 39 causes and given away $300,000 to families in need.”

Bubber says she built her business on hard work, knowledge, integrity and referrals. 

“Who better to provide a referral than someone who had learned firsthand that I’m a broker who goes above and beyond just providing a good interest rate?” she says. “I made it my mission when I left the bank to provide ongoing support to my clients through the life of their mortgage.  I provide annual reviews. I call my clients when the rate environment shifts. When was the last time your bank called you to tell you that you are paying too much interest?”

Keeping her clients calm and informed during unstable times, like the current inflationary environment, is most certainly one of Bubber’s talents. The COVID-19 pandemic brought other issues. Still, Bubber guided and advised her clients through Zoom calls, and other technologies to ensure communication was seamless and infinitely safer.

“Sabeena was the first mortgage broker my wife and I ever worked with, and we were both extremely impressed with her thoroughness and guidance during our home-buying process,” say happy clients, Julian and Corina.

“She was easily reachable and did an excellent job of explaining things to us day-to-day language to allow us to be fully aware of the things pertaining to our loan. We need a very quick deal, and she went beyond what I expected from a broker to help us. It was an incredible pleasure to work with her and we would highly recommend her service to all. Sabeena, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” 

“I was a former mortgage broker myself of seventeen years, and Sabeena was a previous colleague of mine now turned friend,” say clients Chris and Jenny. “I’ve known Sabeena as a friend for 20 years now and have recently needed her support for a real estate refinance transaction, which was an insurmountable and complex situation that needed to be solved. 

“Sabeena not only provided our solution, but she also provided a team around us to support the transaction to bring it to successful completion. Sabeena acts with compassion and grace, and she makes you feel like her only client. I continue to recommend Sabeena as a retired mortgage broker.

“However, she has also personally touched the lives of the most important people around me, and for that, I’m forever grateful to Sabeena. You are a blessing to whoever gets to work with you!”

Bubber has a palpable sense of gratitude She beams, “I wake up in the morning grateful that I get paid to do what I do because I love it so much! I love the North Shore because it has the feeling of a smaller city within a larger metropolitan city. 

“It’s easy to get to know the people in my neighbourhood. I find that North shore residents like to support North Shore businesses. There’s a great sense of loyalty and community here.”

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