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Romantique celebrates 30 years of luxurious lingerie and swimwear in Vancouver

West Van lingerie boutique is empowering women, one bra fitting at a time
Mother-daughter duo, Lin and Sasha Rockwell, co-owners of Romantique Lingerie. Photo via Romantique

Mother-daughter duo Lin and Sasha Rockwell are experts in the bra and lingerie retail industry, thanks to three successful decades of providing their customers with exactly what they want and need: the best bras, swimwear and perfect-fitting lingerie.

As West Vancouver's Romantique Lingerie celebrates its 30th anniversary, it continues its commitment to ensure every woman leaves looking and feeling her beautiful best—one of the keys to their success.

"We grew this business from the ground up and we're really proud of what we've accomplished," reveals co-owner, Lin Rockwell. "It's been a fabulous 30-year journey for my daughter and I, and we've really enjoyed growing the business together. Our inspiration has always been to empower women to love their body image."

"We continue to learn and grow," she adds. "Our trip to Paris to the Salon International was a celebration of our 30 years and our commitment to continue to flourish with the industry."

Romantique was born from Lin and Sasha's entrepreneurial spirit and love for fashion that originated in a corner of their original clothing store, Phoenix, in Park Royal. After their continued success year after year, it outgrew several locations.

Today, it's a passionately successful 2,800-foot space across from Ambleside beach, a chic and elegantly curated collection of luxury lingerie, housing Christine silk, plus, leading brands in bras, panties, swimwear, sleepwear, loungewear, and gifts.

How to know your bra fits properly

Sasha Rockwell working the Chantelle line in Paris. Photo via Romantique

At Romantique, their knowledgeable and compassionate staff recognize there's a proper fitting bra for every woman and every size.

"We believe we're transforming women’s lives, one bra fitting at a time, by providing professional bra fittings," says Rockwell.

"No matter your age, size, shape or special needs, our professional bra fitters can help you find the perfect fit. We believe it's part science and part art to make sure you get the right bra and fit. We carry inclusive sizing from A to H cup."

You'll be fitted with a high-quality bra that flatters and maintains the test of time: a well-constructed bra, with soft breathable fabric. Your bra should have a “relax period” to extend its life, Rockwell notes, and not be worn every day.

The ideal bra fits the contours of your body, something that changes over time.

"It's a good idea to have your bra size checked at least once a year," explains Rockwell.

"Your bra fits when the band lies straight, around the front and back of the body, it should be secure, not sitting higher or lower than the cups. The centre panel or gore should be snug and flat against the breastbone, separating the breasts. The underwires do not cut or poke into the breast tissue. The sides lie smoothly without binding or cutting."

Proper-fitting bra supports physical and mental health

Lin and Sasha Rockwell at an event in Belgium hosted by Van de Velde, a renowned designer and manufacturer of luxury lingerie. Photo via Romantique

When you invest in high-quality undergarments, and most importantly, a proper-fitting bra, your clothing will look its best. You can also expect many positive physical and mental benefits, such as improved posture, a boost in your self-confidence, enhanced body and breast health, and overall comfort.

Choosing the wrong bra can be detrimental to your health, including issues like neck pain, headaches, chafing, upper back tension, shoulder and chest pain, among others. 

Rockwell points out, "Every woman should experience the difference a professional bra fitting can make in her life and discover the confidence and joy of wearing the right bra.

"We don't think you have to choose between elegance, comfort, and support," she says. "At Romantique you can have it all."

"Our goal is to show our clients how great they will look and feel with the right bra. A properly fitted bra can improve body image and self-esteem, and ultimately their lives."

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