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Looking to jumpstart your career? 5 reasons to join Marine & Shipbuilders Local 506

The Shipbuilders union is recruiting for a variety of positions that come with great benefits

Are you a qualified tradesperson looking for an opportunity to work on exciting large-scale projects with national importance? 

Local 506 Marine & Shipbuilders is looking for qualified tradespeople to join them at the Vancouver Shipyard in North Vancouver, constructing and repairing boats in a safe and supportive environment, seeing massive projects come together from start to finish.

There are a number of impressive projects on tap for the shipbuilders, including constructing the Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel and the Joint Support Ships for the Royal Canadian Navy. When completed, it will be the largest ship by length ever built in Canada.

Future contracts include the polar icebreaker, the flagship of the Canadian Coast Guards’ icebreaking fleet.

For Local 506 vice president Felix Yumu, this means ongoing job stability and a chance for career growth and learning opportunities.

“Based on the fact that we have a long-term project that will last ten years at least, if you join us, there will be room for you to grow and learn,” Yumul says. 

“You never stop learning, and you’ll have a job for life. It is a great opportunity for everyone in Canada. We accept resumes from all across the country. At the end of the day, it’s a valued career, and it opens many doors.”

Here are five great reasons to make your next career move with Local 506 Marine & Shipbuilders.

Health benefits

The Marine & Shipbuilders Local 506 Health & Welfare Plan provides group life and health benefits for eligible members and their covered dependents.

Dental is 100% covered for cleanings and preventative services, hospital visits are covered, along with long- and short-term disability. The union also offers life insurance for members.

Robust pension plan

“One of the great aspects about working with the union is that when we reach a certain age, we won’t have to worry about where our source of income will be,” Yumul says.

“It’s always great to have a safety net.”

Eligible Local 506 members are able to retire at 60 with a full pension.

Commitment to workplace safety

Providing a safe and secure workplace for all its workers is one of Local 506’s main priorities.

The union looks out for the best interests of its members, working proactively to adhere to the highest health and safety standards and advocating for best practices to ensure there are no on-site injuries. 

Opportunity for career advancement

The sky’s the limit for career advancement with Local 506.

Members frequently have the opportunity to upgrade their skills and to take on new challenges, including learning specialized welding or steel fabrication techniques that are specific to the shipbuilding industry.

“The learning experience in the union, with everyone guiding and teaching me, has been great,” Yumul says.

The union also offers apprenticeships that usually take four years to complete. Apprenticeship is a proven industry-based learning system that combines on-the-job experience with technical training to produce a certified Journeyperson.

Local 506’s apprenticeships are open to women, men, and youth and are a great way to earn as you learn.

Paid time off

Local 506 recognizes that paid vacation time is essential for ensuring workers do their best on the job site.

Right off the bat, Local 506 Marine & Shipbuilders are eligible for paid time off, which starts at two weeks a year. In accordance with the Employment Standards Act of British Columbia.

After two years of service, paid vacation time goes up to three weeks a year, and the amount of eligible vacation time grows along with years of service. 

To learn more about Local 506 Marine & Shipbuilders opportunities, visit