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Local organization provides support and care to individuals with intellectual disabilities

North Shore ConneXions Society has been fostering an environment of inclusion by supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities

For almost 65 years, North Shore ConneXions Society has been fostering an environment of inclusion by supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The organization is on a mission to provide quality programs and services, which support the development, independence and empowerment of adults, children and families. They also work in partnership with society members and the community to advocate for developing a full range of community-based services to meet the unique needs of each person.

North Shore ConneXions Society helps people like Mark Kilian realize their full potential and achieve their goals.

“Mark has been involved with North Shore ConneXions since the 1970s and has been a board member for 25 years. He has also been participating in our employment program and has worked for Safeway since the late 1990s. Mark loves his job and, no matter how busy he gets at work, always has time to say hi to the children who come in the store,” says Tavia Cosper, marketing manager, North Shore ConneXions Society.

How can you get involved?

With the new COVID-19 variants and further community spread, North Shore ConneXions is now required to supply more expensive protective equipment (PPE) for their staff. You can donate money for PPE or ASTM Level 3 surgical masks through their website or by emailing


You can also become a North Shore ConneXions member and receive:

  • Quarterly communication where they share stories and information about the organization
  • Early access to tickets for their events
  • Member-only opportunities
  • As a voting member you have the opportunity to vote at their AGM
  • The knowledge that your membership is helping individuals and families in your community

Participate in their Home Share Program

Home Share is a person-centered, supported living option in which an adult with an intellectual disability shares a home with a provider who delivers ongoing individualized support.

As a Home Share provider, you will be offering exceptional care and support to the individual, and you will be making a long-term commitment to be their advocate, mentor and support network. The skills that you teach may change with time, and you will be there to help the person you are supporting with all aspects of their lives.

“It was clear that this organization was run by people who cared very deeply for the individuals they supported. We were quickly matched up with a wonderful individual. He quickly fit into our home and family,” says one of the Home Share providers.  “I would recommend to anyone who may be thinking of becoming a Home Share provider, to do so with North Shore ConneXions.”

How to donate

If you wish to make a donation, head to and click the donate button. Your donations go directly to services that support individuals with intellectual disabilities on the North Shore.