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Five ways you can give back to your community during the season of giving

By giving through the West Vancouver Foundation, you can be sure your donations are going to where they’re the most needed
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During the holiday season, it’s nearly impossible to ignore all the ads and promotions encouraging us to shop until we drop. They’re on the television, embedded in our social media accounts and even at the top of our internet search results.

But what if instead of impulsively purchasing an item at 2 a.m. that we’ll end up using less than a handful of times, we instead invest that money into the community we live, work and play in?

“We want to let people know about some of the local charities and local needs that are right here in the North Shore,” says Denise Howell from the West Vancouver Foundation (WVF), which is dedicated to supporting the community’s needs. 

“While the big, well-known charities do a lot of great work, there’s also a lot of smaller charities here that are supporting great causes, and we want to bring awareness to those.”

With your help, the WVF provides donations and resources to local charity programs, as a continued investment into the North Shore community’s resilience and prosperity.

Here are five ways you can invest in your local community through the WVF this season.

1. The Give Where You Live campaign: Until Dec. 31, the WVF will match donations made to eight different North Shore charity programs that they’ve partnered with, including three local health and wellness programs, two seniors programs, one youth, one environment, and one arts program.

2. Donate to the WVF’s existing funds: With more than 100 different funds to give to, you are certain to find at least a few causes you feel passionate about. From arts and culture to scholarships, to the environment, you can donate any amount you wish, and you will receive a tax receipt.

3. Set up your own fund for your favourite causes: If you’re interested in supporting a specific cause or need that isn’t already covered by the WVF, reach out to the team to explore how you can work together.

4. Donate to WVF funds in memory of a loved one: You may wish to set up a fund in honour of a loved one to support a cause that was meaningful to them. There are several options with these funds including permanent funds which are held and invested by the Foundation in perpetuity.

5. Set up a legacy gift within your will: If you would like to continue your philanthropy work, even after your passing, you can set up a fund as part of planning out your estate. After your passing, the fund will continue to stand as a legacy to your passion and generosity.

The West Vancouver Foundation accepts donations online through their website, through electronic means, cheques or publicly traded securities. If you are interested in donating, please visit You can also follow the WVF on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.