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Elite Auto Group grows again, brings trust and quality work to a one-stop shop

Insurance claims, cosmetic repairs, windshield chips, mechanical maintenance and seasonal tire changes—looking after your car can feel like a battle
Elite Auto Group is a special collection of leading automotive repair centers on the North Shore.

Insurance claims, cosmetic repairs, windshield chips, mechanical maintenance and seasonal tire changes—looking after your car can feel like a constant battle.

Imagine if you could streamline those steps with one phone call, take your vehicle to one place and relax, knowing that everything will be taken care of.

In an ideal world of vehicle ownership, that’s the dream. The family-run Elite Auto Group has made this a reality—a special collection of leading automotive repair centers on the North Shore, with the goal to make honest and educational auto repairs available to every car owner.

Since opening in 1966, CSN Elite Body Shop has built a reputation for ­quality and honest collision repairs. With a rapidly growing client base, they expanded in 2002, opening CSN Elite Xpress. In 2020, they grew again, adding Elite Auto Glass.

Between two body shops and glass repair locations, the structural side of vehicle repair has been taken care of, and it was time for the business to set their sights on the next frontier—mechanical. 

“We have such a deep client base of people who trust us with their cars, but we could only take them so far when it came to maintaining their vehicles,” says CSN Elite Auto Group’s Connor Jameson.  

The Elite Auto Group set out to change this and acquired OK Tire North Shore, bridging the gap between cosmetic repair and mechanical maintenance.

“OK Tire North Shore brings so many opportunities that we can pass along to our clients. The service offering is so much more than just tires; our location is fully equipped to provide all the same service you’d find at a dealership,” says Jameson.

“Imagine if you could take your car in to get your snow tires taken off, have the crack in your windshield repaired, receive a full mechanical inspection and have your ICBC claim you’ve been putting off repaired with only one phone call.  

“Our team makes every effort to anticipate our client’s needs. Auto repair can be intimidating, so we’ve made education and simplicity the center of our business model,” says Jameson.

A key piece to the service process is communication and trust. “We keep our clients updated on their vehicle the entire time it’s with us. Text messages, photo updates, anything they need,” he says.

The dedication to a leading customer service experience doesn’t end with communication. It requires constant training, re-tooling and embracing industry changes before they hit the mainstream, something the Elite Group prides themselves on.

“Take ADAS, for example. Features such as automatic braking, blind-spot detection and lane-departure warnings have created a whole new field of repairs,” Jameson says. “Being able to properly repair a vehicle means recalibrating these driver-assistance systems.”

That’s vital since even a slight variation from the exact re-positioning of sensors in a bumper, mirror or grille can impair future driving safety.

“These vehicles are jammed with all these safety features, and you trust that they are going to function as intended. The reality is, is that not everyone is equipped to restore them to their factory settings after a repair.”

“We have invested in the training and the tools to perform those calibrations properly,” Jameson says, explaining a vehicle’s ADAS components are scanned when it enters the shop. And when the work is completed, the vehicle is re-scanned to ensure nothing has gone amiss.

Convenience is another factor drivers can be sure of when they choose the Elite Auto Group.

“Whether you are at work or home, we’ll come drop off a courtesy car, then take yours away, making sure we adhere to all COVID-19 safety protocols,” Jameson says.

“We don’t say no to customers. It’s not really in our language. If it helps the customer, we will make it happen,” Jameson says.

And that’s at the core of every service offered at all the Elite Auto Group’s locations.

“It’s a complete circle we are looking to offer, whether it starts through CSN Elite Body Shop or CSN Elite Xpress, or mechanical through OK Tire, or with Elite Auto Glass,” Jameson says.

“We will do everything to ensure maintaining your vehicle is the easiest thing you’ll have to do.”