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Elite Auto Group adds highly-coveted Tesla EV designation to service all your electric vehicle needs

Elite Auto Group supplies comprehensive auto body repairs through its Elite Body Shop, Elite Xpress, and Ok Tire services

Being considered simply good at something is good enough for some, and there’s little shame in that.

However, true mastery – an elite-level designation – is what separates those who aspire to greatness from the rest.

This ethos that guides every function carried out by the staff at the Elite Auto Group. Across all facets of the business – customer service, continued training, and more – it is this mindset that moves the needle daily.

It’s this approach that led the all-in-one auto industry leader to pursue what only a handful of other repair shops in Metro Vancouver have attained – a Tesla EV certification.

In simple terms, this highly-sought after designation allows Elite Auto Group staff to service and repair any Tesla vehicle that comes to them.

“If you’re not Tesla certified, Tesla won’t sell you parts, so you can’t actually repair any vehicles,” explains Elite Auto Group operations manager Connor Jameson.

“If you’re a facility that’s fixing a Tesla and their car is on your lot, and you put it into service mode, Tesla will actually shut down their vehicle; then you’ll have to explain to the owner why they’ve been essentially shut out of the vehicle.”

Jameson and his staff aren’t in the business of saying no. If a family has a traditional gas-powered vehicle but decides to also go electric, that could mean having to turn business away.

Not so with the Tesla EV certification.

“For a relationship to end because we can’t fix one of your vehicles wasn’t something we wanted to consider,” Jameson says. “We want to be able to fix your vehicles forever, and that way, we don’t have to send it off to anybody else. We don’t want to have to say no to existing customers or future customers.”

The range of repairs now offered by the Elite Auto Group runs the full spectrum, from minor fixes to intensive bodywork.

“It’s everything from the in-depth issues with all the sensors a Tesla has right down to the everyday annoyances – somebody bangs into you in the parking lot, or a shopping cart runs away and hits your door,” Jameson continues.

“Anything from those incidents up to a full-on structural repair, we have the equipment to fix it.”

Not only can Elite Auto Group staff get your Tesla back in running order, but the same holds true with other electric vehicle players in the automotive world, such as Ford, Toyota, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, and more.

Attaining the Tesla EV designation is the latest in a long run of wins for the Elite Auto Group, a truly remarkable feat considering the many hardships businesses have faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since opening in 1966, Elite Body Shop has built a reputation for quality and honest collision repairs. With a rapidly growing client base, they expanded in 2002, opening CSN Elite Xpress. In 2020, they grew again, acquiring OK Tire North Shore, and rounding out the Elite Auto Group

But repairs are only part of the equation. Getting vehicles serviced or repaired are rarely enjoyable experiences, though Jameson’s team takes care of that part of the equation, as well.

Sometimes a smile, or an expert offering assurance, can go a long way.

“When you say the words ‘body shop’ or ‘mechanic shop,’ a lot of people would associate that with negative connotations, that it’s in some dirty office and whoever is sitting behind the desk is trying to rip you off. We really committed to changing that stereotype,” Jameson explains.

“If you’re coming to us, you’ve either been in an accident, you’ve hit something, or something’s (probably) broken. It’s a negative state of mind. We’ve committed to doing everything possible to turn it into a positive. Everything from the physical offices – clean, modern, and pretty – to the industry leading customer service side, we’re committed to providing a safe, positive space for all our clients.

Elite Auto Group is a one-stop shop for all your auto body needs by offering collision and body repair, scratch and dent repair, windshield and glass repair, and more through its comprehensive Elite Body Shop, Elite Xpress, and Ok Tire services.

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