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‘California Dream’ home comes to life on the North Shore

The “California Dream” custom home by Upward Construction is a true testament to the power of collaboration and innovative design
The “California Dream” custom home.

For over two decades, Upward Construction has led the construction industry on the North Shore.

The company’s  latest project, the “California Dream” custom home, represents the epitome of dream living.

After nearly a decade away from British Columbia, a family who had been residing in sunny California decided it was time to return home. Their vision was to create a home that perfectly embodied the quintessential California lifestyle while seamlessly embracing the breathtaking beauty of British Columbia’s landscape.

Two years ago, the clients entrusted owner Kevin Leskiw with their vision. Upward Construction adopted a fully customized approach from project inception to completion, guiding them through every step of the process. This included identifying the perfect hillside property in West Vancouver and overseeing all aspects of construction to bring their California-inspired custom home to life here in B.C.

These client’s expressed their trust, saying, “We chose Upward because of their reputation of building quality homes on the North Shore and they made the entire process seamless.”

The “California Dream” home exterior. Photo by Upward Construction

The "California Dream" home is a heartfelt ode to West Coast living, effortlessly blending aesthetics and functionality. Every detail was thoughtfully curated to strike a harmonious balance between beauty and practicality. The result was a fully customized home that perfectly fits this family’s lifestyle.

Once shovels hit the ground, the “California Dream” custom home project quickly became a true testament to the power of collaboration and innovative design.

The construction proceeded seamlessly, with Upward’s utmost focus being to ensure its clients were completely comfortable, especially considering they were based in California throughout the project's duration. Communication and facilitating a smooth remote experience were paramount. This is a process Upward has meticulously refined over the years, honing the company’s expertise in specialized remote builds through successful collaborations with clients on numerous projects.

The clients enjoyed the convenience of receiving daily updates and photographs, accessible through Upward's online portal, enabling remote access to all project details. 

“It made it very comfortable for us in what otherwise would have been a stressful situation, being that far away from such a significant event in your life,” the clients say. 

This home pays an eloquent tribute to the idyllic West Coast living, embracing abundant sunlight and infusing the entire home with a warm and inviting glow. It seamlessly blends the indoor and outdoor living spaces, allowing the homeowners to enjoy the warm, sunny days and take in the North Shore's breathtaking surroundings while also providing a cozy haven on colder, rainy evenings.

The home pays an eloquent tribute to the idyllic West Coast living. Photo by Upward Construction

And Upward’s successful collaboration with interior designer Sarah Gallop made every detail inside the home sing.

“It’s a great interior design, the materials and the styles chosen were definitely what our clients wanted and were looking for,” Leskiw says. 

This is just one of the many examples over the past two decades of turning dream homes into reality, as Upward Construction consistently delivers exceptional quality. Their philosophy revolves around recognizing the uniqueness of each project, ensuring that from the initial concept to the final brushstroke, the client's journey remains the utmost priority.

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