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Britannia Mine Museum's new exhibit explores the fascinating world of underground safety

It’s time to step into the unbelievable world of mine safety at Rock Solid: Safety in Mines, a new exhibition at the Britannia Mine Museum running from May 18 to Sept. 2, 2024
Rock Solid: Safety in Mines presents the development and methodologies that have influenced the mining sector throughout recent history. Photo via: Britannia Mine Museum

If you’re looking to have fun, “safety” may not be the first thing that comes to mind—at least not on the surface of the earth.

Underground, however, safety takes on a whole new significance; it’s riveting, revealing and on full display at Rock Solid: Safety in Mines, a new exhibit at the Britannia Mine Museum that dives deep into the fascinating world of mine safety.

The immersive exhibition, which runs from May 18 to Sept. 2, showcases the evolution and practices that have shaped the mining industry over the last century. From the perilous early days of mining to the cutting-edge innovations of today (and tomorrow), Rock Solid: Safety in Mines illuminates the relentless pursuit of safety beneath the earth's surface and its profound impact on the lives of miners and the world at large.

Pulling from Britannia Mine’s private collection, the exhibit is self-led and offers a curated selection of photographs, objects and videos to interact with.

Museum guests will also have the opportunity to explore the medical advancements that have aided miners in times of need, learn about the evolving techniques and protocols designed to keep miners safe in hazardous environments, and peer into the future of mine safety with a first look at the technologies poised to revolutionize just how safety works deep, deep underground.

Speaking of which…

No trip to Britannia Mine is complete without venturing underground yourself. Recognized for its award-winning attractions, Britannia’s signature underground tour takes guests through an old haulage tunnel, showcasing what life was like at one of the largest copper mines in the world. You’ll be accompanied by a team of passionate historical interpreters, who bring history to life with stories of real miners' challenges and accomplishments and observe the protective equipment used by miners. This includes the actual equipment from the early days of Britannia, which dates back to the first discovery of copper in the area in 1888.

Once you’re back above ground, you get to experience the award-winning multi-sensory show BOOM! is an exhilarating 15-minute live-action experience that engages your senses through special effects, cutting-edge technology, multiple screens, and over thirty speakers, reviving one of the globe's most remarkable industrial structures.

You can also visit Ore and Orcas, an exhibit that explores how copper contamination impacted the marine food chain from plankton to predators, which includes a real killer whale skeleton. You can view all of the mine’s activities, including gold panning, exhibits, a play area and more here.

Though a mainstay in B.C. for over 50 years, Britannia Mine Museum is full of hidden gems that make it the perfect pit stop along the Sea2Sky as well as a destination in its own right. Located just a 30 minute drive from the foot of the Lions Gate, it’s an easy way for families to spend the day together, learn something new and have fun in the

And of course, when it comes to having fun, safety is key.

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