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All-day brunch eatery hatches on the North Shore

OEB Breakfast Co. elevates breakfast and brunch fare in Central Lonsdale

When you’re OEB Breakfast Co., the time-honoured narrative, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” has less to do with when you eat, and more to do with what and where you eat.

Whether you skew towards the traditional breakfast hour, lunchtime, or straddle comfortably across both—say, craving weekday brunch—OEB’s new North Vancouver location uses the best quality ingredients to amplify their gourmet dishes, served in an 80-seat, 3,000 square-foot space.

A North Vancouver locale makes perfect sense. What better place to fuel up before hitting the local slopes, hiking forested trails, or biking singletrack. Of course, you may decide to make your meal the main event of your day, reconnecting with friends and family.

“A big piece of choosing the North Vancouver location was to work with the Lions Gate Hospital and the Foundation,” says Rob Pawley, vice president and partner, OEB Breakfast Co. “We’ve built a close relationship with them and it was a key way to connect with the community and the health care team that’s been so welcoming and supportive in joining us there.”

An egg institution, if you will, OEB launched in Calgary in 2009, quickly growing their group of B.C. eateries, first Yaletown, followed by Burnaby, with Ambleside in West Vancouver coming soon.

Founder/owner Chef Mauro Martina, classically trained with a culinary foundation built in Europe, has cultivated a culture that prioritizes connection and genuine food integrity.

OEB believes breakfast should be bolstered by artistry and passion. Their chef-driven concept is led with soul, where the emphasis lies on the people that produce, create, serve and consume their fresh, iconic cuisine.

“Being able to provide a warm and uplifting place for the community to come and have a great breakfast or brunch with old friends and family, and have that delivered in an elevated culinary experience, allows us to create and inspire our North Vancouver guests, and our team members,” reveals Pawley.

Must-try menu items

Chef Martina drives his menu with a farm-to-table approach, allowing purposeful ingredients to shine, “leaving you soul-full.” Capitalizing on the versatility of eggs, his modern spin on classic breakfast staples raises the bar with each dish, without a hint of pretention.

OEB may take its food seriously, but equally, they exude an air of fun. Look for clever tongue-in-cheek menu items like, the Cluck Norris (hand-pulled smoked chicken sandwich); Get Shorty Rib (Philly-style beef short-rib poutine); the Notorious B.I.T. (as in, big in taste, double ground chuck burger, white truffle aioli, vegan Japanese milk bun); and the Threesome (try asking for one without smiling), two free-run eggs, bacon choice, bangers choice and waffle, crêpes, pancake, or brioche French toast.

Signature favourites are plentiful, with standouts like breakfast poutines: Soul in a Bowl (duck fat fried herb potatoes, Saint Cyrille curds, slow-cooked bacon lardons, brown butter hollandaise) or the seafood version, Hog & Scallops, with the addition of two jumbo Digby scallops.

A big hit, too, Laks & Laks of Bagel (herbed cream cheese, hand-crafted cold-smoked salmon, micro greens). Add an ounce of sturgeon caviar, but take heed, their menu reads: “I dare you to expense this.” Don’t miss, gluten-free Gnocchi Breakfast Carbonara (double-smoked bacon, brown butter hollandaise, grana padano, raw yolk, petite watercress).

“We support different vendors and local artisans, butchers and micro green suppliers, to ensure we’re connected to the farmers that provide this amazing food for us,” says Pawley.

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are notable. Ocean Wise, too: sushi grade tuna steak for their Ahi tuna burger, the Tuna Crudo, and jumbo Digby scallops.

Through an inspired beverage program, OEB has partnered with Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers, and wine is B.C. based, with Dirty Laundry as their feature bubbly provider. “That ties in with some hand-crafted cocktails that are constantly evolving,” explains Pawley. “We roll-out a new menu in spring, with some different cocktails based on products you can only buy in B.C.”

“We’re happy to be on the North Shore to fill the souls of all of the community that we get to call home, and we’re excited to expand into West Vancouver and grow our egg empire.”

For more information, visit, email [email protected] or call 778-340-3132.