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Real estate group beats prices of luxury mansions with smaller post and beam houses

Real estate in Canada’s most expensive community isn’t usually a David versus Goliath struggle.

Real estate in Canada’s most expensive community isn’t usually a David versus Goliath struggle. For decades, West Vancouver real estate has followed a simple rule—bigger is better—10,000 square feet of living space, Swarovski chandeliers and five-car garages.

West Coast Modern Group takes a radically different approach. Using a marketing program that elevates architecturally-designed homes as collectible works of art, the namesake team (Jason Choi, Trent Rodney and Karim Bhatia) markets 60 to 70-year-old homes into hot selling properties that can out-price even brand-new luxury spec builds.

“Vancouver used to be about big shiny monster houses breaking sales records. We just proved David can win against these Goliath mansions, ” says Rodney.

Case in point, the custom Sea Ranch house in West Vancouver. This lovingly-restored A-frame was originally designed by architect Barry MacLeod in 1970 as an homage to iconic homes built on the coasts of California, almost three hours north of San Francisco.

When marketing such one-of-a-kind properties, it can be challenging for Realtors ® to attract the right buyers who value these homes. Given today’s penchant for gaudy faux Georgian or Tudor homes that dominate an entire building lot, it’s easy for realtors to tell clients that their homes are “lot value only,” and much of the time, assessment values reflect that.

When Sea Ranch owners, Steve and Sarah, planned on selling, they expected that it would command around $2.8 million, an identical price to a similar-size Colonial that had just sold across the street. The customized marketing campaign created by the West Coast Modern Group illuminated how living in a smaller, sensitively designed space integrated into the natural landscape could live better than a spec house that maximizes it’s buildable envelope.

The group then reached out to an international network of design aficionados and eventually sold the 3,000 sq. ft. property to a Manhattan buyer for $3.5 milliona premium over a brand new 6,000 sq. ft. luxury mansion that just sold across the street.

“I’ve always told people that our client base doesn’t want these big bloated houses, and I’m not sure if people believed me. I’m excited to announce that for the first time ever, we’ve beat out the sales price of a brand new luxury mansion with one of our smaller West Coast moderns that’s half the size. It’s exciting,” says Rodney, a listing agent for the property.

The West Coast Modern Group is Vancouver’s only dedicated real estate team for architectural houses.

Discerning home buyers from around the world appreciate what makes the West Coast special. From Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove, mid-century modern homes are finally coming into their own, thanks to sellers who care and buyers who appreciate timeless design, creative landscaping and unbeatable views.

“Few real estate agents authentically understand the world of architect-designed homes. We don’t do cookie-cutter subdivision homes or faux-chateaux. When you contact us, we will share your architectural gem to the world and help put Vancouver on the map. That’s the West Coast Modern Group advantage. Trust us to gain a premium price for your listing,” says Rodney.