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Middle school was hijacked

Dear Editor: Regarding your Jan. 13 story, Balmoral Residents Hijack Meeting: Parents and neighbours of Balmoral school had every right to "hijack" the information meeting at the school Jan. 10.

You said it

"Whether or not we agree or disagree on the decision to bring the Community Learning Program here, that is the decision.


IT'S been a long time coming for such an obvious idea. The union representing employees of B.C.
Inquiring Reporter

Inquiring Reporter

No shelter from the WV storm

Dear Editor: Mark Sager's idea to promote the Harmony Arts Festival through the bus shelters is a great idea. The only challenge is the fact that, every single one of the "new" bus shelters - leaks.

Burrard Inlet oil tanker traffic is safe

Dear Editor: The Dec.

Student counsel

IT'S sad that as a society we're still prone to fear those we see as different. That's what happened at Tuesday night's public meeting on the alternate program at Balmoral.

Put eyes on highways

Dear Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to add my weight to Christine Parkes Jan. 4 comments (Mailbag: Roads Without Eyes Leave Drivers Blind) regarding the marking of road lane lines on our highways and streets. The lane markings on Hwy.

A memorable performance

Dear Editor: My wife is very big on music. So much so that she was the provincial music adviser for the B.C. Girl Guides for some 10 years.

Glen Clark changes philosophy. Will Dix?

AHA! I think we now know a key source of NDP leader Adrian Dix's professed desire to bring a "modest" approach to governing.
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