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Letter: Storm sewer upgrade likely saved Deep Cove from flooding

Letter writer gives kudos to North Van District for providing timely flooding fix before massive storms hit the West Coast
Deep Cove Trees cut down 2
The Gallant Avenue storm sewer replacement project angered some Deep Cove residents, but the work proved crucial when a series of storms rocked the West Coast, this letter writer says.

Dear Editor:

In contrast to the devastation wreaked by the recent rainy river on other B.C. communities, I would like to congratulate the District of North Vancouver council in being proactive in replacing the Gallant Avenue culvert in Deep Cove over the past few months.

While the work has often been inconvenient for the merchants and residents, it was a blessing that the new structure coped with all the water that nature threw at it over the three-day period. The engineers and the construction crew have to be commended in connecting the culvert in time.

As a property owner in the affected area, who has been inundated several times in the last few years, I am very grateful that this work was approved and constructed before the recent weather event. 

We are all now looking forward to seeing Gallant and the Cove restored to its former glory.

Peter V. Richards
North Vancouver

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