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Letter: My husband was lucky to land at LGH to treat a rare brain tumor

Our surgeon and the staff at Lions Gate Hospital were ‘outstanding’ after my husband fell ill, this letter writer says
Lions Gate Hospital staff have been commended for their excellent care by a woman whose husband was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. | Mike Wakefield / North Shore News file

Dear Editor,

In April my husband lost his balance and our doctor sent him for a CT scan at Lions Gate Hospital. They discovered a very rare brain tumour in the parietal section of the brain.

We were lucky enough to get a master diplomat and excellent surgeon, Dr. Shahid Gul. He indicated the problem, but not to the extent that would panic us. Meanwhile he fast-tracked us to surgery less than a week later. He was excellent and did all he could.

The staff at LGH were outstanding, the food better than home in the post-operative care, the nurses caring, helpful, and they even were in express mode when I collapsed from dehydration through stress in the hospital. And the accommodation post-op was great. My husband felt like a VIP.

I can’t say enough about the great experience, even though it was not wanted, that we had at LGH. Incidentally, Dr. Gul never quit checking until he was sure my husband was in the hands of another competent doctor.

The B.C. health system is not broken if you are in an urgent situation!

Pene Hollingworth
Maple Ridge (formerly North Vancouver)