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Letter: Lynn Valley is stronger than ever following tragic event

A group of people united in spirit to not let one act of insanity change the construct of our happiness
LV Candlelight Vigil 2 web
Artwork from elementary school students lines the candleight vigil route through Lynn Canyon Park Saturday night, in support of victims of the stabbing attack at Lynn Valley Village.

Dear Editor:

I went to the library [on reopening day, March 31] in hope of moving past the palpable discomfort I have been carrying since the events of Saturday, March 27. The tribute out front is remarkable, and I stayed to read the written notes, many in children’s script complete with spelling that one would expect from a small child. It was a cathartic and peaceful moment.

The library was the same as ever, though the powerful aromatic assault from the cleaning products was a reminder of the atrocities that have been scrubbed from sight. It made it difficult not to think of prone victims being attended to by the wonderful professionals who choose saving lives as a calling and people like you and me, struggling with emotion doing what little they can to keep people alive. This will take a few more visits to get past. When I entered the mall portion, I was taken aback. Tears welled in my eyes as I saw the wonderful chalk collage, a free-formed celebration of all that is good about my community and the people who live there. A group of people united in spirit to not let one act of insanity change the construct of our happiness; one hateful act will not lead to suspicious glances in place of kindred smiles and respectful nods. You can feel the positive energy.

I know my community is not special, and I expect human spirit prevails in most situations like this; however, as an experiment of one, I am happy to carry in my heart a memory of the woman who lost her life, the heroes who stepped in harm’s way to help, and the rallying of my neighbours as we unite to transcend the freak occurrence -- be a stronger community on the other side.  Lynn Valley is stronger than ever.

Jon Ellwood
Lynn Valley

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