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Letter: As a former Lynn Valley resident, news of the recent stabbing hit me like a gut punch

May you find peace and comfort in family, friendship and community.
Blowing bubbles1
A woman blows bubbles for her baby at Lynn Valley Village while surrounded by uplifting chalk art messages on Wednesday (March 31).

Dear Editor:

It’s been five years since I emigrated from Lynn Valley, my home for 36 years. Hearing of Saturday’s violence at the library has hit me like a gut punch.

My heart goes out to all of you: victims, their families, responders and all folks whose lives have been shocked. I hold you in my thoughts, and I pray for your recovery and healing.

It seems like no place is safe from lethal violence. Just a week earlier, the university town of Boulder, Colo., was the scene of a mass shooting, not two miles away from my grandson who attends CU.  Donna and I do most of our shopping at the local King Soopers grocery, just like the one in Boulder.  Will our own peaceful college town be the next site of mass violence?  

What to do beyond giving comfort?

It may be too early to pass judgment on the root causes of these particular cases.  But a Lynn Valley friend has suggested that one option open to us is to push for and fund mental health improvement. This could save many lives, whether from violence, depression, or other issues.

I am so sorry. May you find peace and comfort in family, friendship and community.

Dan Ellis
Fort Collins, Colo.

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