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Letter: Drivers speed through this Montroyal intersection

This letter writer says drivers have failed to slow down or stop on numerous occasions
Prospect Road meets both West Rockland Road and Montroyal Boulevard at this atypical intersection, controlled by a three-way stop. | Google Maps

Dear editor:

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed by Claire Litton concerning the unsafeness of Delbrook Avenue for pedestrians and cyclists. As I read her letter, I felt compelled to write about the intersection at Montroyal Boulevard, Prospect Road and West Rockland Road, controlled by a three way stop sign.

We have no choice but to cross this intersection when we walk our son to school. Drivers in either direction of Montroyal Boulevard and West Rockland Road speed through the intersection failing to slow down or stop. On numerous occasions, we have had to stop mid way through the intersection to make sure the speeding driver acknowledges us before we proceed through the intersection.

As a driver, I have witnessed drivers driving right through this intersection as if no stop sign was present. While the RCMP is doing its best by ticketing offenders at this very location, the issue and the danger to pedestrians remains.

I am interested in hearing if your readers who live in the area have similar experiences as ours and any solutions that can be tabled to address this issue. As I see it, it is only a matter of time before a tragic story of needless death due to an accident at this intersection appears in your paper.

Kaveh Sefiddashti,
Upper Lonsdale, North Vancouver

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