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Letter: Dogs should be allowed on the beach, in pubs, in restaurants....

Back in the good old days you could head to the beach with your dog without someone shouting ‘bylaws’ at you, this letter writer says
People take to the waters off Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver. Dogs should be allowed to frequent the beach as they used to in the good old days, this letter writer states. | Mike Wakefield / North Shore News

Dear Editor:

Who owns the beach? In 1969 I used to take my German shepherd everywhere. Down the street to the beach. She loved everybody. I learned to swim while watching her do the dog-paddle.

Today a woman complained about my girlfriend’s dog at the beach. They were sitting away quietly. Not interrupting anybody. Being part of nature. Loving the ocean. Whilst very few people were at the beach.

Yet a woman came along and was rude and quoting “bylaws.” West Vancouver arbitrary rules with little or no meaning, ignoring the history of who West Vancouver really is. I have a message for West Vancouver: Grow up. Dogs in restaurants. Dogs at pubs. And dogs at the beach.

More freedom. Less bylaws.

In case you don’t remember 1969, it was beautiful.

John Paul Orr
West Vancouver

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