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Letter: A hero saved my tiny dog after she was spooked by a skateboarder

Little Babette got scared when a skateboarder jumped right over her dog stroller, causing her to bolt straight into traffic on North Vancouver’s busy Marine Drive
The owner of tiny Babette is happy the dog is still alive after a terrifying run through traffic that ended with a kind stranger stepping in to save the day. | Deborah Stockwell

Dear Editor,

I’d like to offer thanks to a stranger who helped me and my dog during a terrifying situation.

Recently my dog Babette and I were leaving Shoppers Drug Mart near Marine Drive in North Vancouver when two young men that were filming themselves doing tricks on skateboards decided that it would be funny to jump over me and my dog in her stroller.

My dog was so terrified she actually jumped out of the stroller, headed directly to Marine Drive and started running as fast as she could. She was so terrified she was weaving in and out of oncoming traffic. This continued through three traffic lights – she went under a bus and came out the other side. It is incredible that she was not harmed.

I was chasing after her and the two young men, very apologetic, were chasing after me with my baby carriage. Cars were stopping on both sides of the road trying to stop and get out and catch this little dog. Finally a young man in his 30s had an SUV and decided to stop traffic both ways. He jumped out of his truck and continued to chase my dog.

He finally caught her and brought her to me. I was so shaken, and he very gently told me to get back on the sidewalk because we had to let traffic start again. He got in his truck and drove away before I could thank him. He was a true hero.

My little dog has a greater purpose – she’s a therapy dog and we go to hospitals to take care of others. I just recently lost my husband eight weeks ago, so she’s all I have. Whoever that young man was, from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank him.

Deborah Stockwell
North Vancouver