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Letter: Bystanders who stepped in during Lynn Valley attack were the true heroes

I was one of the first paramedics on scene this past weekend
Lynn Valley stabbing tribute
A resident lays flowers at a memorial to a victim of a stabbing in Lynn Valley on Saturday.

Dear Editor:

I was one of the first paramedics on scene of the stabbing in Lynn Valley this past weekend. It’s my job to respond to medical emergencies.

I’m writing because of the exceptional help the public provided. They were the true heroes in this scenario.

As much as it was a heck of a call for paramedics, police and fire, the bystanders were incredibly helpful to myself and the other paramedic crew first on scene. I was running to each patient doing triage and telling bystanders “keep doing what you’re doing.” And they stuck to it. They took all our patient care direction and kept going. Every patient was being cared for by bystanders.

They need to be publicly acknowledged.  I want to send them an enormous thanks. Every bystander has the choice to intervene, speak up or do something, those in Lynn Valley made the choice to act in spades.

Paramedic Ingrid Westcott
BC Ambulance Service

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