West Vancouver police arrest alleged con artist

AN Ontario man alleged to be a travelling con artist who almost got away with cashing $20,000 in fraudulent cheques in a matter of hours has been arrested in West Vancouver.

Police nabbed the fraudster after he repeatedly returned to the Money Way Currency Exchange at Park Royal South trying to cash a bank draft for about $9,500.

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Police believe the man had cashed cheques worth about double that amount at several West Vancouver financial institutions, using fake ID, before anyone cottoned on.

When police showed up at the Money Way branch, the man tried to run away. When they caught him, police discovered he had fake Ontario ID.

Tyler Nathaniel Manning, 23, of Brampton, Ont., now faces two charges of fraud over $5,000, two charges of using a forged document, one charge of impersonation and one charge of resisting arrest.

Manning is currently a suspect in similar frauds in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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