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Unique skateboard competition taking over North Van bike park

The Pump Track Skateboard Challenge, organized by North Vancouver-base Landyachtz, will see skaters showing their talents at Inter River Bike Skills Park
Skateboarders will take over North Vancouver's Inter River Bike Skills Park for a unique competition June 23.

A new event coming to North Vancouver will give skateboarders from across the province a chance to show their skills on a track normally reserved for high-flying cyclists.

On June 23, the Pump Track Skateboard Challenge, organized by North Vancouver-based skate and bike company Landyachtz, will take place at Inter River Park in North Vancouver. The event will feature top skateboarding talents and celebrate the sport’s spirit of creativity, athleticism, and camaraderie, according to Landyachtz vice president Ryan Theobald, adding that the challenge should offer an exhilarating display of skill and style.

Participants will have the opportunity to flaunt their speed and control on the Inter River Bike Skills Park, a paved pump track that normally is crowded with bikes, not boards.

"A pump track is a purpose-built track for cycling with a circuit of rollers, banked turns, and features designed to be ridden completely by riders using a pumping motion to generate momentum,” said Theobald. “This means riders use up-and-down body movements instead of pedalling or pushing. It is designed to challenge riders with its turns and obstacles.”

The Pump Track Skateboard Challenge, however, will offer a whole new spectacle on the asphalt.  

“Racing on pump tracks is exciting for participants and spectators, and it appeals to all styles of skateboarders,” said Theobald. “Pump Tracks are a great place for riders to improve their abilities and confidence, the event provides a platform for riders to showcase their skills. We can't wait to see the incredible talent on display and see who's got the fastest lap.”

The event will feature riders racing against the clock to set their fastest lap, qualifying for a top-10 shootout. The fastest lap winner in each category will receive a cash prize.

This is the second of five pump track challenges Landyachtz is hosting throughout the province this year. Registration for participants is now open, and limited slots are available.

Pump Track Skateboard Challenge

When: June 23, 9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Where: Inter River Park, 1101 Premier St., North Vancouver

Info and registration:

Fatemeh Falah is an intern reporter with the North Shore News. She can be contacted at [email protected].