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Metro aiding Capilano river's fish

Trucking fish reduces dam death factor

West Vancouver man with gang ties found dead

Trail workers find body near Cypress Bowl Road; police say death suspicious

Police seek counterfeit bill passer

POLICE are looking for a man they say passed a counterfeit note at a store in North Vancouver. The investigation dates back to last year, when the suspect paid for a purchase at a Marine Drive store near Capilano Road with a fake bill.

Things that go bump in the shower

SOME weeks ago, a friend of mine called me late at night to inform me there was a murderer in her shower. Alarmed, I said something to the effect that that was unfortunate and disappointing, and asked how she knew.

Passersby tackle North Vancouver parkade thief

TWO North Vancouver men tried to tackle a burglar in a Lower Lonsdale parkade July 5, but the thief brandished a weapon and managed to get away

Riot review seeks submissions

The independent Vancouver Riot Review has set up a website to receive public feedback and information online.

Rental developer asks city for $500K in fee help

THE developer of a rental apartment building currently under construction is asking the City of North Vancouver to waive hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees to save the project.

Teachers' contract requests off the planet

HOW many people reading this are entitled to two weeks off work - with pay - because a friend has died?

Fraser Institute gives LGH a bill of health

VCH warns patients not to use data to select hospital care

Hiker trapped on cliff

Teen loses trail, but stays put when in trouble