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West Van police impound two Lambos nabbed driving in tandem 156 km/h

West Vancouver Police impounded two Lamborghini supercars after they were spotted being driven twice the speed limit on the Sea-to-Sky Highway Friday.
Lamborghinis impounded
This 2022 Lamborghini was one of two nabbed by West Vancouver Police driving in tandem at twice the posted speed on Highway 99 June 24.

West Vancouver Police have impounded two Lamborghinis after they were spotted being driven up to double the speed limit on the Sea-to-Sky Highway Friday.

A West Vancouver traffic officer nabbed the luxury rides just north of Ansell Place on Highway 99 after spying the pair of Lambos driving in tandem, heading north at a high rate of speed, according to Const. Nicole Braithwaite, spokesperson for the West Vancouver Police Department.

Officers using a radar gun determined the luxury sports cars were allegedly travelling about 156 kilometres per hour at the time.

Both vehicles were stopped and both drivers were issued $368 tickets for excessive speeding.

Both Lambos – a 2022 blue Lamborghini Hurucan and a grey 2022 Lamborghini Aventador – were also impounded for seven days, said Braithwaite.

The Lamborghinis range in price anywhere from US$200,000 to US$577,000.

The drivers, who also own the Lambos, were heading to a Lamborghini show in Whistler when police stopped them, said Braithwaite.

It's not the first time supercars heading to a show of luxury cars in Whistler have been nabbed by police on the Sea-to-Sky Highway.

In 2018, West Van police pulled over a Richmond man driving a white 2016 Lamborghni Huracan without a licence near Lions Bay. He also received a fine and had his ride impounded.

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