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Cypress Mountain renamed Bus Chilling Ski Hill

‘It’s official,’ the ski resort said on social media this week, after a naming contest was started by a North Shore News reader 🤣
A sign that reads Bus Chilling Ski Hill placed in front of a broken-down shuttle bus that's been sitting in Cypress Mountain's parking lot for most of the winter season. | Cypress Mountain Resort

First there was Dude Chilling Park, then came Barge Chilling Beach.

Introducing: Bus Chilling Ski Hill.

A broken-down shuttle bus that’s been sitting in Cypress Mountain Resort’s parking lot for most of the winter season has generated a blizzard of speculation as to the nature of its predicament.

The resort itself joked that the bus was hired to measure snowfall for the season (while confirming that it’s really just a run-down shuttle owned by one of Cypress’s contractors that takes people up the mountain).

In the spirit of naming things because we can, one North Shore News reader suggested a contest.

“I think we need a naming contest,” wrote Tonya Hartz of North Vancouver. “My vote ‘Yosemite McBusterson’ or ‘Bus Chillin’ Ski Hill?’”

This week, the local ski resort responded.

“It’s official,” Cypress Mountain wrote on Instagram, captioning a picture of the bus with a sign reading “Bus Chilling Ski Hill” in front.

Other notable entries to the contest include “Ted. As in Bus-ted,” “Yosemite Sham,” “‘No overnight parking rule’ not being strictly enforced,” “Snowy McSnow Face” and “Snow depth gauge.”

Cypress Mountain donates $41K to Indigenous sport charity

In March, Cypress donated $40,731 to the Indigenous Life Sport Academy, an organization that gives First Nations youth opportunities to play unstructured and semi-structured sports. The funds were raised from the resort auctioning 60 chairs from its former Sky Chair lift, with all proceeds going to the charity. The old double chair was replaced by a new quad chair for the 2022-23 season.

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