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Letter: Let's start a naming contest for the broken-down bus at Cypress Mountain

How about renaming the mountain Bus Chillin’ Ski Hill?

I was unaware of this broken down bus in Cypress Mountain’s day lot until this week of spring skiing.

Apparently, it has been there for some time…

I think we need a naming contest. My vote “Yosemite McBusterson” or “Bus Chillin’ Ski Hill?”

Did the driver simply hitchhike back to California? Is it the second incarnation of the stranded barge phenomena?!

Tonya Hartz
Parkgate, District of North Vancouver

Editor’s note: The broken down bus is from Cypress Mountain Resort’s contractor that runs a shuttle to the ski hill, spokesman Joffrey Koeman confirmed. He said a post to Cypress’s Instagram that the bus was hired to measure snowfall was a joke.

What do you think the bus should be called? Send us your suggestions via email by clicking here or post a comment below.