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Canadian album of the week: Royal Canoe will make you a believer

Winnipeg band performing at Fortune Sound Club Saturday night
Royal Canoe
Winnipeg’s Royal Canoe play Fortune Sound Club on June 21 as part of this year’s TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Scan image with the Layar app to watch a video of the track “Bathtubs.”

Royal Canoe: Today We’re Believers (Nevado Records).

Winnipeg’s Royal Canoe rarely make a wrong move portaging through their sonic wheelhouse. Their debut album has been out for awhile but it's never too late to talk about a good thing.

The alternative six-piece are built on a solid pop/rock structure with lots of electronics worked into the mix on Today We’re Believers. Creatively they throw out ideas to see what sticks and, in their case, most things do.

Formed in 2010, from members of Manitoba bands The Waking Eyes and The Liptonions, Royal Canoe have a fantastic sense of what will work within their sound. They’ve previously released two EPs and a seven-inch and have toured extensively.

In 2013 they also performed Beck’s sheet music project, Song Reader, in full at the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival.

Listening to their debut full-length will make lots of believers. Highly recommended.

Royal Canoe are performing at Fortune Sound Club on Saturday, June 21 as part of this year’s TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival. They are not jazz in any sense but their eclecticism will fit right in with the spirit of the fest kicking off this weekend. For more information go to