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Series points the way to health

THIS fall, find the way to a healthier you at the Ferry Building Gallery. Once again, the little gallery by the sea will play host to experts in the fields of holistic health, wellness and lifestyle for The Art of Healthy Living Series. On Sept.

New in school? Relax!

RETURNING students are often excited to go back to school and see their old friends. New students that come from another country or another school are sometimes nervous.

Pilot, architect and patron of the arts

RECENTLY, I was invited to attend the Men's Social Club at the West Vancouver Seniors' Activity Centre. That's right, all men. Okay, Katie Kearney, the program coordinator, is a woman. Otherwise, the club, including volunteers, is exclusively male.

Wallet-friendly wines are easy to find

THE Hired Belly has recently noticed a flurry of media about tastes turning to less expensive wines. Somehow it seems like old news. Only just now? We recall it was two years ago that quick thinking B.C.

Get ahead of the study curve

AFTER a summer of chillin', the academic pressures of high school can be a rude awakening - especially if you're a student entering Grade 12.

Get an early start in on-ice safety

DO you have a pint-sized player taking on the game of hockey this year? Chevrolet wants to help you keep him or her safe.

Designs are a step ahead

- New Shoes: Contemporary Footwear Design, by Sue Huey and Rebecca Proctor (Laurence King Publishing, 207 pages) $17.95 FROM extravagant to simple, there is no one style for today's fashion follower when it comes to shoes.
PHOTOS: Ease into fall in cool casuals

PHOTOS: Ease into fall in cool casuals

Unity Clothing Inc. has expanded to the North Shore. The new boutique at 108 Victory Ship Way in the Pier redevelopment at the foot of Lonsdale is the second location for owners Lori Simcox and Heidi George.

Pack homemade love in the lunch bag

WHERE did summer go? Already it's back-to-school time (did I hear a cheer from all the mothers out there?) and the brown-bag set will be hoping to find something yummy waiting for them when lunchtime rolls around.

Rocket encourages early readers

- How Rocket Learned to Read, by Tad Hills, Schwartz (Wade Books, $20.99) unpaged.