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BOOK BUZZ: Fitz Goes to the Pool shows the wonderment of childhood

Fitz Goes to the Pool , by Tracey Wimperly, (Fridays with Fitz series), illustrated by Rose Mason (Victoria, Friesen Press) $22.51.

Fitz Goes to the Pool, by Tracey Wimperly, (Fridays with Fitz series), illustrated by Rose Mason (Victoria, Friesen Press) $22.51.

The media release accompanying this picture book indicates that the story is based on one of the many adventures Wimperly and her husband – former longtime North Shore residents -- have had with their three-year-old grandson.

A number of enjoyable activities are crammed into the outing with Fitz and his grandparents – pre-pool snacking, splashing and goofing around at the pool with either Grandfa or Gramma, and a picnic to replenish all the expended energy.

Gramma and Grandfa, as they are styled, appear far from traditional comfortably rounded old fogies.

Instead, they look (as many of today’s grandparents do) young enough to be the parents, and they are certainly as energetic.

They are more than willing to indulge in imaginative play, share silly jokes and even endure (in Gramma’s case) being drenched by a well-placed bucket of water.

The loving relationship between the generations is clear and the dialogue is funny and believable. Fitz is clearly a cherished little boy.

At the end of the day he is brought home to his parents with lots of stories to share with his Daddy and his Papa.

Jaunty watercolour illustrations are just right for the story and highlight the exuberance of childhood.

The fact that Fitz has same-sex parents is quietly stated and no special significance is placed on this family arrangement.

Two more Fitz stories are planned for release in 2020.

Fran Ashdown is a retired children’s librarian who believes you’re never too old to enjoy children’s books.