North Van mom creates CSI-style charms

Getting fingerprinted can be pretty adorable, so long as it’s not at the cop shop.

Blueridge mom Mahnaz Fardghassemi captures a piece of a loved one’s anatomy in sterling silver pendants, cuff links, charms and key chains.

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Fardghassemi has started a hyper personalized jewelry franchise called Smallprint Vancouver North, which can incorporate fingerprints, hand and footprints, kids’ drawings or signatures into art.

The Original Fingerprints option, in which your child or spouse’s actual fingerprints are pressed into the silver itself, has proven to be Fardghassemi’s bestseller.

She also made a lot of cufflinks with a special touch for some lucky North Shore dads leading up to Father’s Day.

“There’s no mold taken so the piece is literally touched by your loved one, so that’s what makes it so special,” explains Fardghassemi, adding all the work is done by hand in her home studio.

Creating a forensic keepsake of your child is clean and easy.

Fardghassemi uses something called a magic inkless kit, so there’s no actual ink involved. It’s a non-toxic material, similar to a wet wipe that she wipes on the child’s hand and then presses onto special sensitized paper.

New parents want to capture every bit of their baby’s first months, but because newborns haven’t developed grooves on the tips of their fingers – Fardghassemi takes hand and footprint impressions that can be miniaturized onto pendants or cuff links.

Artwork can also be incorporated into jewelry.

“For example, you’ve got your daughter and she’s done her first drawing and you love that and it means so much to you. I can take that and then texturize it and press it onto a key chain, a pendant for you,” says Fardghassemi, adding the possibilities are endless when it comes to her customized jewelry.

Impressions of handwritten love letters or even lip prints can be made into jewelry, so you can carry your betrothed’s kiss with you wherever you go.

Fardghassemi was fully trained in the art of impression jewelry by Smallprint, which has roots in the U.K., and says she was asked to start the company’s first Vancouver franchise.

“Artistically yeah, you need to have a little bit of artistic ability as well,” says Fardghassemi.

The mom of two young daughters says the jewelry franchise was a perfect fit with her schedule and allows her to stay at home, where she has a studio. That’s where those who are interested in the unique jewelry can come for a consultation and look at samples.

The price range starts at about $80 and can go up to $200 per piece, with a set of cufflinks or a large pendant being on the higher end of the scale. It takes about three to four weeks for an order to be completed.

Fardghassemi can also be found at many of the North Shore farmers and popup markets. On the spot she can roll out the silver and take fingerprints, handprints, footprints and paw prints.

“I’ve had a lot of interest in pet prints,” she says.

Fardghassemi will be on hand for jewelry consultations June 25 at Ambleside Farmers’ Market, June 30 at Shipyards Night Market and July 1 at Lonsdale Artisan Farmers’ Market.

Her full schedule can be found on her Facebook page, Smallprint Vancouver North

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