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North Vancouver 85-year-old makes 100th blood donation

Barrie Street hit 100 not long after celebrating his 85th birthday

North Vancouver’s Barrie Street hit a meaningful century mark last month, not long after celebrating his 85th birthday.

On Aug. 25, Street made his 100th blood donation to Canadian Blood Services, perhaps providing the vital fluid that will help some other lucky Canadian reach their 85th birthday.

“I have been passionate about giving blood since I was 18,” Street told the North Shore News. Street has learned a thing or two about blood on his way to 100 donations.

“Each pint of what is called whole blood may be divided into its component parts: red cells, platelets and plasma,” he said. “Consequently, each donation has the potential to reach three patients, all the more reason to donate.” Street is passionate about giving others the little nudge they might need to donate blood themselves.

“The Canadian Blood Service claims that every 60 seconds a Canadian needs blood,” he said. “The critical shortage has been exacerbated by the COVID pandemic, as [fewer] people are giving. I encourage all able people to donate to this vital service.”

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