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Watch: Vancouver woman finds cute visitor seeking shelter from snow on her porch

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A raccoon sought refuge from Vancouver's snow on a woman's chair.

Vancouver's recent snowfall sent many in the city seeking refuge, and not just people.

One woman even found one local resident sleeping on one of her chairs on her deck.

A little raccoon was curled up, napping on Annie Zho's egg chair which sits just outside her apartment, sheltered from the snow.

While the snow had dusted most of the area outside, and is falling in the background of the video, the raccoon appears free from any snowflakes and to be resting comfortably.

In the video Zhou asks "Is this a Vancouver thing? And what do I do now?"

In the comments, people (perhaps unwisely) suggest she toss the little mammal a blanket.

In a second video, the raccoon is scratching itself while on the seat, oblivious to Zhou taking a video on the other side of the glass.

"This morning he moved to the chair on the left and surrounded himself with cushions," Zhou writes. "Now he's back at his original chair."

@anniezou My never ending battle with my egg chair part 3 😂 #vancouver #snowday #raccoonsoftiktok #canadiancheck #animalfriends ♬ original sound - Andrei King
@anniezou Replying to @Christina L Update: he’s still here after a day, woke up then fell back asleep 🦝 #update #raccoonsoftiktok #vancouver ♬ Funny Song - Cavendish Music