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Watch: Beauty bobcat prowls in West Vancouver yard

Bobcats can grow up to 11 kilograms and they have been known to go after pets


A North Shore News reader shared this video of a bobcat having a poke around a West Vancouver backyard, Dec. 6.

The large cat was spotted outside a Mathers Avenue home on the greenbelt between Taylor Way and the Capilano River.

Bobcats typically keep a low profile, especially in urban settings, but this is the time of year when they’re most likely to be seen, said conservation officer Simon Gravel.

“With the snow and the cold weather, they're a bit more active looking for food,” he said.

Bobcats are no threat to the public and there are no recorded instances of one attacking a human in B.C., Gravel said, but they have been known to go after pets.

They can grow up to 11 kilograms (25 pounds).

“We encourage people to always keep their pets inside – small cats, obviously, and always an eye on your dog,” he said.

To keep pets safe, Gravel said they offer the same advice that they do for bears and coyotes – keep your property free of attractants that might draw them in.