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Richmond Secondary students seek more prominent place for commemorative plaque

Two students started a petition to move a plaque featuring Harry Jerome

Two students at Richmond Secondary think a plaque, featuring track athlete and one-time Richmond teacher, Harry Jerome, should be moved to a more prominent place. 

Rania Noon and Kenny Bamba have started a petition saying the goal is “to get the office - or whoever has the authority - to move the Harry Jerome Plaque at RSS to a more visible location.” 

Noon and Bamba, who are students at the school, say the plaque is in a spot “that sees little foot traffic from students.” 

Furthermore, it’s in a “cramped corner far from eye-level,” they claim.  

Jerome was a three-time Canadian Olympic track and field athlete. 

“Harry Jerome is arguably one of the most significant figures in modern Canadian history, and his ties to our school should be a point of pride,” Noon and Bamba said in the petition. “Placing the plaque elsewhere would illuminate his legacy and contribution to Canadian history, especially as a Black Canadian, to Richmond Secondary students.” 

The school district, however, said the plaque was placed “in close consultation with Valerie Jerome (Harry Jerome’s sister) and with respect to her input.” 

School district spokesperson David Sadler said the principal and deputy superintendent met with her in-person to give her “voice and agency” over the plaque, including placement, the write-up and the photo.  

The students’ concerns have been brought up with the Valerie Jerome, and she reiterated she’s happy with the process and location. 

The deputy superintendent has also told the principal, Anita Kwon, that he can meet with the students to have a “fulsome conversation” about the issue, Sadler added.