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Letter: Delbrook Avenue is safe enough just how it is

Following news Delbrook Avenue may be redesigned in an effort to slow traffic and make the area safer, one reader attests it is fine just the way it is
A driver of an SUV turns onto Delbrook Avenue in North Vancouver, March 2021. | Google earth

RE: North Vancouver may redesign Delbrook Avenue for slower speeds

Dear Editor,

Further to the article from March 1st regarding a potential redesign for Delbrook avenue, I have a few thoughts.

As a Delbrook facing resident for over 45 years, I have to say that I feel that Delbrook Avenue is very safe already.

We have the luxury of plenty of space for bikes without the need for a bike lane. The sidewalks and adjacent district property are wide and comfortable for anyone walking their dogs, using a stroller or a walker/wheelchair/scooter.

It’s one of the last roads in North Vancouver where I feel safe sending my kids out to play, bike or even use one of the many crosswalks to get to the corner store for a treat. It’s safe because the road is wide!

In my experience, drivers often stop mid-block for those crossing the streets and there have been crosswalk upgrades to improve visibility. Yes, there are some speeders on the road, but that’s nothing that an occasional traffic cop can’t handle from time to time.

At 800 cars per day, that means there’s only one car every two minutes - and we’re worried about that? I can assure you that this is not negatively impacting our extremely privileged quality of life on Delbrook Ave and we certainly don’t need to spend tax payer’s money to redesign the road or paint bike lanes! Talk about first world problems!

Councillor Jordan Back and the Delbrook Community Association don’t appear to have solicited feedback from all residents along Delbrook and I believe the noble cause of “eliminating all traffic fatalities and serious injuries through better design” would be better served elsewhere in our community, as evidenced by recent injuries and fatalities.

I think that Mayor Little made a good point by stating the issues of any NV arterial road are similar and that bad habits behind the wheel like distracted driving are rooted in a larger problem.

Delbrook is a beautiful road and community. Recent road redesigns such as 29th street have not improved safety or quality of life. There’s no need to redesign Delbrook Ave and I’m sure there are plenty of other initiatives that would better serve the District residents.

M Klein,

North Vancouver

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