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Volvo a leader in more than just safety

Researching an article is always a troublesome thing for the easily distracted. One moment I'm attempting to simply put together a timeline of rallying in Africa, the next I'm looking at old pictures of Volvos.

NFL star rides in style in $2 Mazda

A biweekly roundup of automotive news, good, bad and just plain weird: Mazda renovates NFL player's ride Oh those professional athletes - so overpaid, so prone to flashy spending sprees, so obsessed with wealth.

Tune locally, zoom globally

Remember the New Beetle? No, not the current new Beetle, which is technically the new New Beetle, but the old New Beetle, which was the new version of the old old Beetle - oh never mind, I'll just come in again.
Lexus IS gets angry

Lexus IS gets angry

For eight long years, Lexus has kept the smallest of its sedans as is, without much in the way of updates. From the looks of things, this strategy has made the new model very angry indeed. My word, this is one aggressive looking car.

These films will all give you a rush

This weekend the Ron Howard Formula One biopic Rush comes to theatres. At time of writing, I have yet to see the film, but friends and colleagues who've had a sneak preview assure me it's well worth the price of admission.

Often it's the beaters that are the best

This past weekend, much of Vancouver's glitterati attended the exclusive and expensive Luxury & Supercar Weekend at the VanDusen Garden. There was a Bugatti Veyron there. They also had a Pagani Huayra.
Little Fiat, huge growl

Little Fiat, huge growl

Cars these days are sensible. For the most part, they've all got improved fuel economy and cleaner emissions. Safety ratings are up across the board. Comfort is a focus for many manufacturers. Performance benchmark standards are higher.

Cars that drive on their own merging into traffic

LAST week found me barrelling along the interstate behind the wheel of a turbodiesel Mercedes-Benz EClass, headed towards the beardy and heavily tattooed epicentre of the hipster universe, Portland, Ore. I was, as they say, putting a bird on it.
Jeep flexes its muscles

Jeep flexes its muscles

WITH the 40th anniversary of American Graffiti just past, many people have been telling me, "youngsters these days with their mePads and facetwitters - they'll never know what it was like to grow up when hot rods were around." Oh, horsefeathers.
Car flick cruised into the heart of a nation

Car flick cruised into the heart of a nation

FORTY years ago this month, the movie posters asked audiences, "Where were you in '62?" For most people, the answer was, "in a better place." The world in 1973 was not in great shape, and as far as cars go, was about to get a whole lot worse.
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