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MCALEER: Civic a Canadian fave

MCALEER: Civic a Canadian fave

When the 2012 Honda Civic emerged as a new, less expensive, decontented model, the critics were unequivocal in their denigration. "This isn't a proper Civic!" they cried, and scurried to their keyboards to ladle out the vitriol.

MCALEER: Keep cars safe for canine co-pilots

Dog is my co-pilot. Well, not my co-pilot exactly, but possibly yours. On the North Shore, we love our furry friends, and most of them love to go for a ride in our cars (unless it's to the V-E-T).

MCALEER: Phones might make driving safer, lol

A biweekly roundup of automotive news, good, bad and just plain weird: Using the mobile phone to prevent accidents As we all know, thanks to a constant media barrage and messages from local law enforcement, cellphones and cars don't mix.
MCALEER: Quirky Nissans sensible cars to collect

MCALEER: Quirky Nissans sensible cars to collect

Remember the Nissan Stanza? Well of course you don't. Sure it was pretty reliable, but it was also so boring just thinking about its boxy shape is ... *yawn* ... suddenly I need a nap.

Lexus adds a little bite

The concept of the corporate grille, as far as I can make out, is that it should allow passersby to immediately know what brand you're driving, no matter whether sedan or SUV.

MCALEER: Volkswagen Golf still has game after 40 years

Four decades ago, on March 29, 1974, the first VW Golf rolled off the production line in Wolfsburg, Germany. Nobody shouted Fore!, but they should have.

Buzzy VW takes flight

While waiting politely for a pedestrian to clear the intersection, this car received a wide grin and a giant wave from a woman wearing industrial welding goggles. She looked a bit like a bee. So does this.

LETTER: Capilano on-ramp drives us into danger

Dear Editor: My letter is in regards to Brendan McAleer's column " Capilano Onramp Drives Driver Over the Edge," March 7, where he describes the many annoying and dangerous things that occur at this very dangerous on-ramp.
REVIEW: Matrix a car for Canada

REVIEW: Matrix a car for Canada

Here's the difference between Canada and the United States: Americans are the only ones to get the Chevy SS, which is basically a four-door Corvette; Canadians are the only folks to get one last go at a 132 horsepower four-cylinder hatchback.
MCALEER: Gilles Villeneuve and the best race of all time

MCALEER: Gilles Villeneuve and the best race of all time

It was the finest two minutes of motorsports ever seen. And, in the end, nobody really won. Formula One is the pinnacle of motor racing, or at least it's supposed to be, but it's occasionally a Byzantine mystery to the casual observer.
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