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West Van woman hit with almost $7K in fines after skipping quarantine, visiting hospital

West Vancouver woman claimed she was exempt from quarantine but did not provide proof, police say
Lions Gate Emergency MW
A West Vancouver woman was fined for visiting a patient in Lions Gate Hospital when she should have been in quarantine.

A 59-year-old West Vancouver woman has been hit with two fines totalling $6,900 after she skipped quarantine and went to visit a patient at Lions Gate Hospital after crossing the U.S./Canada border.

West Vancouver police were notified by public health authorities March 4 that the woman had crossed the Pacific Highway Border Crossing earlier that day but had not provided a recent negative COVID-19 test, as required. Instead of going straight to her quarantine address, the woman had headed to North Vancouver’s Lions Gate Hospital, the health authorities alleged, and visited a patient.

On the afternoon of March 5, a West Vancouver police officer went to the home in West Vancouver where the woman was supposed to be under quarantine. “The officer went and knocked on the door and was told by somebody else at that address the person was not there,” said Const. Kevin Goodmurphy, spokesman for the West Vancouver Police Department.

However, the officer soon encountered the woman who was returning to the home after being out for a walk – something not allowed when in quarantine.

The woman claimed to be exempt from quarantine requirements, Goodmurphy added, but could provide no documentation to back that up.

She was issued two fines for breaching quarantine totalling $6,900.

The woman was told to go back into quarantine.

Police had no further information about the reason for the West Vancouver woman’s travel to the U.S. or who she had visited in hospital.

Goodmurphy said the fine is the biggest issued so far by West Vancouver police to someone skipping quarantine.

Currently, travel across the border is closed to all but essential travel, although some exceptions are granted for work, study, family re-unification and on medical/compassionate grounds. Those crossing the border by land, however, must present a negative COVID test and immediately quarantine for 14 days at an address provided. Those arriving by air must present a negative COVID test and proceed to a designated “quarantine hotel" for three days before completing the 14-day quarantine.