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5 skills the visual arts teach your kids

The impact of a visual arts education extends far beyond the creation of images.

The impact of a visual arts education extends far beyond the creation of images. “The visual arts help young people develop essential creative problem-solving skills that extend far beyond the studio, to reach how they see the opportunities in front of them, no matter which career they pursue,” says Yolande Martinello, Director of Artists for Kids.

Five ways your child could benefit from a visual art education include:

1.     Honing their judgement

Many areas of education require right or wrong answers. The visual arts give a child the opportunity to make choices and to understand the impact of those choices. Students learn that there may be more than one answer to any question as they learn to explore the nuanced aspects of life.

2.     Developing problem-solving skills

Creating art allows children and young people to see, interpret, and reflect on the world in a way that’s distinct. It provides perspectives to consider, rather than a pre-determined outcome, thereby helping them to learn how to consider and weigh alternatives.

3.     Learning that small choices can have large impacts

Art provides an opportunity for students to see how a big picture image can be affected by small adjustments to the work.

4.     Expressing feelings and emotions

Young people, especially teenagers, often have difficulties in expressing their true feelings or emotions. Art allows them to say what they may not be able to communicate directly.

5.     Triggering a sense of discovery

The arts can prompt a sense of discovery about learning and demonstrate that the limits of our learning extend beyond numbers and words.

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