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Vancouver’s Svante to scrub CO2 from Australian industries

Svante partners with Australian company in carbon capture and storage project
Svante CEO Claude Letourneau. His company is among two B.C. firms to have emerged as leading carbon capture innovators, the other being Carbon Engineering.

Svante Technologies, which makes filters and machines that capture CO2 from industrial flue stacks, has entered a partnership with Australia’s Pilot Energy (ASX:PGY) to capture and sequester up to 8 million tonnes of CO2 a year in Western Australia.

Pilot Energy is a junior oil and gas exploration and development company with conventional oil and gas fields in Western Australia. It is developing the Cliff Head offshore oil field carbon capture and storage project, as well as a hydrogen and ammonia production plant. Svante is one of the industrial partners that will provide the carbon capture technology.

Pilot Energy’s Mid West Clean Energy project includes a CCS project that will capture CO2 from industries in the Kwinana Industrial Area in Western Australia, as well as produce hydrogen and ammonia from natural gas. Captured CO2 would be permanently sequestered in offshore geological storage.

“Svante’s innovative solid sorbent carbon capture technology is an ideal solution to efficiently capture the Kwinana Industrial Area’s hard-to-avoid CO2 emissions, and we’re enthusiastic about this new collaboration,” said Brad Lingo, Pilot’s chairman.

Svante is one of two B.C. companies that has emerged as leading carbon capture innovators, the other being Carbon Engineering. In December, Svante raised US$318 million from Chevron New Energies in a Series E funding round. Svante is building a new manufacturing plant and headquarters in Burnaby that will employee up to 200 people.

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