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Why your next vehicle should be a Volkswagen

"Volkswagen prides itself on building cars that deliver exceptionally high value," says Shaun Openshaw, Assistant Sales Manager for Capilano VW .

"Volkswagen prides itself on building cars that deliver exceptionally high value," says Shaun Openshaw, Assistant Sales Manager for Capilano VW. "It’s considered a luxury brand without the luxury price tag—a brand that offers drivers a unique combination of strength, safety and stability."

Shaun has actually experienced VW’s legendary safety features firsthand.

"Years ago in the U.K.,” he recounts, “I was hit at 70 mph (112 km/h) while driving a little VW Polo—and I literally walked out of the car. If I'd been driving anything else, it probably would have been a very different story."

Thinking about buying a VW? Shawn has some advice on how to choose which VW model is right for you.

"Always buy the car you need rather than the car you want," he says. "A lot of people choose a car they want, regardless of their needs. Then, about six months later, they realize that a sporty, high-end model doesn’t really suit their lifestyle. "

Of course, if you’re still not sure, one of the staff at Capilano VW would be happy to help you find the VW that’s right for you. And don’t worry—Capilano’s stress-free approach to car-shopping is what’s made them so popular with car shoppers over the years.

"We have a ten-foot rule," says Garry Speranza, Sales Manager at Capilano VW. "When any of our employees sees a customer within ten feet of them, they approach the customer with a smile and ask them where they're going. They then walk the customer to the department they're looking for. If they're driving on to the lot, we give them a few moments to orientate themselves before approaching them in a friendly and honest manner."

Shaun suggests that looking for a vehicle at Capilano VW is a lot easier than most people think.

"One of the things we do to put people at ease is offer them a complimentary coffee or water before anything else,” says Shaun. “Buying a vehicle is a big decision and everybody needs to work through the process at a pace they’re comfortable with. The last thing they need is for someone to ask them 'do you want to buy this car?' right away. We start by asking the customer what they need and go from there. Our goal is to make sure that the customer gets the best advice possible from the best-trained people."

For the last four years, Capilano VW has been rated Best in Customer Serviceamong all VW dealerships across Canada. They’re also two-time members of the coveted Volkswagen Canada Wolfcrest Club, a program that recognizes the top performing Volkswagen dealerships and employees in the country.

For more information on Capilano VW call 604.985.0694, send them an email, check out their website or visit the showroom at 1151 Marine Drive, North Vancouver. Capilano VW can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.