Why your next new or used vehicle should be a Volvo

“The safety aspect of a Volvo vehicle is well-known,” says Christopher Sage, General Manager of Jim Pattison Volvo of North Vancouver. “No other brand can come close to Volvo for safety, in my opinion.”

Volvo is confident that technology installed in its vehicles will mean that all models will be without serious injuries and fatality-free by 2020.

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“We’re almost there.” says Christopher. “Volvo models have collision-avoidance technology to make sure that you can’t accidentally hit another vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist, and we are the first to introduce a large animal collision avoidance system that works day and night.”

The technology uses radar, cameras or other sensing devices that can detect obstacles and alert the driver. If the driver cannot, or does not, react, the vehicle can automatically apply the brakes and either avoid a crash completely or significantly reduce the impact.

An obvious benefit is the case of someone who loses control due to a medical emergency, such as a heart attack. A Volvo model will automatically take control of the vehicle and slowly stop the car.

Christopher mentions: “Our cars have a reinforced Boron steel safety cage that is five times stronger than high-tensile steel. The result is that we’ve improved the strength of the body and therefore the safety capacity of our vehicles by around 40 percent.”

While safety is of paramount importance to both Volvo and drivers, a car’s appearance and comfort are also essential components of any buying decision.

“Volvo is sophistication in luxury where intelligent and beauty works in harmony with cutting-edge innovation. This is luxury redefined. This is the next generation of Volvo Cars,” Christopher explains.

“Volvo models display a simple elegance,” Christopher continues. “Our cars are for people who want class without being ostentatious and who are concerned with the environmental impact and with reducing emissions. The wood comes from Sweden and it’s designed with curves so that it contours the vehicle and merges with the steel on the dash. And the seats are amazingly comfortable—best-in-class, in my opinion.”

While Volvo has been known and respected for being a luxury brand contender, Christopher notes that the company is in the process of introducing smaller, less expensive cars with the same top quality and safety features.

“There’s a new generation of Volvo cars coming in the next 2 years,” Christopher says. “They are smaller cars, wagons and SUVs starting at lower prices, but they all still offer the great fuel efficiency and safety features that we’re known for.”

For more information about Jim Pattison Volvo of North Vancouver and to check out their new and used inventory, call 604.986.9889, visit the website, email or drop by the dealership at 1765 Marine Drive, North Vancouver. 

Jim Pattison Volvo of North Vancouver can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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