The North Shore’s International Dining Stars - Spring Edition

Whether flying solo, a family affair or a hot date, the satisfaction that comes from dining out is not just in the food, though our recommendations are delicious, it is in the immense pleasure of experiencing something new and making memories to savor.

Be it a bouquet of spices to move the heavens, the live music of a bygone era, or locking eyes with a stranger across the room, we all deserve to live presently and indulge our senses, if only for an evening.

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For the bold of heart and the adventurous of pallet the International Dining Stars guide, presented by the North Shore News, will be your road map to a delicious curation of the senses up and down North and West Vancouver’s top dining spots.

From scallops served with bell peppers and fresh basil in a red curry sauce to Applewood smoked Alaskan black cod with pancetta, the spring edition of International Dining Stars will unlock tantalizing dish after dish from Mexican, Greek, Italian, Thai and Indian traditions to romance your taste buds with a whirlwind of intercontinental culture with great service and ambience to match.

As variety is the spice of life, some of these are trendy chain restaurants while others are long-standing family-owned establishments or hidden community gems serving neighbors for generations, waiting to be discovered.  

Visit the link and uncover your next culinary experience now.

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