The North Shore’s International Dining Stars

Yes, booking a plane ticket to an exotic locale is always fun, but if a trip isn’t in the cards, why not escape for the evening by dining at one of the North Shore’s restaurants featuring international cuisine?

Whether you are craving Mexican, Greek, Italian, Thai or Indian, North and West Vancouver are home to an array of culinary options representing cultures from around the globe. Some of these are long-running family-owned restaurants, while others are favoured chain establishments. There are also many new eateries setting up shop in North and West Vancouver that you’ll likely pass if you take a walk in areas which are currently undergoing exciting growth and development, including Lower Lonsdale and Ambleside.

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Whether dining out is a daily occurrence or is reserved only for special occasions, you want to know that the restaurant you’re patronizing is going to provide an excellent meal, great customer service and a pleasant ambiance.

But how should you go about selecting an eatery for a Saturday night date, an early-morning meeting or a family dinner?

Say hello to the North Shore News’ International Dining Stars. After reviewing the culinary landscape we’ve curated a list of some of the area’s top dining spots here:

Whether you’re looking for Mexican dishes such as those served at La Taqueria, Thai cuisine such as that at Thai Pudpong, or classic Italian fare which is on offer at Mangia e Bevi, we have a recommendation for you.

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