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Supercharging your freight brokerage business

For more than four decades, Delta-based SPI Logistics has been one of the most successful logistics firms in North America.
SPI Logistics shares steps to success.

For more than four decades, Delta-based SPI Logistics has been one of the most successful logistics firms in North America.

What has been the secret to its success?

Simple - its team of transportation professionals is united by one singular purpose – expediting your success.

And the strategy of what SPI calls “supercharging your freight brokerage business” can be broken down into five steps.

1. Examine Ways to Cut Costs

Reducing what your customers pay while maintaining a high level of service will attract new customers, and allow you to retain your current client list. This can be achieved by:

• Consolidating shipments to ensure on-time delivery with the fewest possible trips for your drivers and the most effective use of available space and fuel.

• Employing a variety of shipping modes to find the most affordable method.

• Avoiding unnecessary risks to keep shipping expenses low.

2. Diversify Shipping Options

Companies specializing in one or two specific business sectors can increase profitability and efficiency by opening up their business to other markets.

For example, if you routinely ship produce and refrigerated materials, your business model could easily be expanded to carry other perishable items in the same trucks. This could allow you to avoid half-empty trucks and transports that can cost your company time and money.

3. Create Contingency Options

Creating a contingency plan to overcome unexpected issues typically requires some or all of the following steps:

• Identifying potential risks.

• Prioritizing these risks in order of their impact on your company and your operations.

• Creating a detailed plan to address each of these issues.

SPI Logistics’ dedicated experts provide customers with insights into the potential risks of their current business plans, and can help determine the best and most practical ways to expand and protect your freight brokerage business.

4. Collect Data on Your Shipments

Collecting, compiling and maintaining accurate information on the composition of shipments and the ways products and materials are transported provides a basis for making decisions about your business.

The right data will allow fleet expansion in the most cost-effective and practical manner.  Trends can also be better spotted that will allow quicker action to take advantage of new directions in the industry.

And the right record keeping will ensure you stay on the right side of any regulations or requirements imposed by outside agencies now, and in the future.

5. Make the Best Use of Technology

Automating the logistics processes can save time and effort in dealing with shipping and warehousing requirements. Working with a company that specializes in these types of activities can help streamline processes and promote the best and most practical solutions for all shipping activities.

SPI Logistics provides effective technological solutions without the expense or a learning curve.

With a network of more than 50 locations in the United States and Canada, SPI Logistics is a leader in logistics and transportation consulting, and can provide the right solutions for your business needs now and into the future. Visit their website at:, call: 1-833-223-1999, or email: to learn more about their full lineup of services.