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Paul Leech has worked for the owners of Capilano VW for over 26 years. One of the many long-time employees at Capilano VW, Paul takes pride in his work as Manager of the Service Department.

"We have upwards of five Master Guild technicians at Capilano VW,” says Paul. “That's the highest level of VW technician there is. In 2015, Vital Insights, a customer experience management company, awarded us with their highest customer service rating among all VW dealerships in Western Canada. And I'm confident we'll do just as well in 2016."

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When it comes to looking after your vehicle, Paul has a few basic tips:

·       General maintenance: Follow the manufacturer's maintenance book- at least. "The maintenance guide is really the minimum," says Paul. "VW suggests an oil change every year or 15,000 kms. Most people drive around 20,000 kms a year, so we actually suggest an oil change every 7,500 kms or so. About 90% of our customers are onside with that, and they’ve seen the benefits of this kind of proactive approach to maintenance for their vehicle."

·       Tire pressure: Paul and his team advise checking your tire pressure every month. "It's not enough to wait until you come in for a service. Checking and correcting the tire pressure every month will give you optimum fuel economy."

·       Oil level: Check your oil level at least once a month and top up when necessary.

·       Fluid levels: Don't forget to check brake and transmission fluids regularly. "Brake fluid has to be changed after three years and every two years after that. It's important, because brake fluid absorbs water and with all the electrical systems and ABS components in the brake system, it's key that the fluid gets changed on a regular schedule. If the ABS system fails due to a lack of maintenance, it can mean thousands of dollars in repairs." And don't overlook the coolant and transmission oils. "People think those fluids are good for the life of the vehicle," Paul adds, "but they're not. They need changing on a schedule, too."

·       Watch the paperwork: Wherever you have your car serviced, Paul recommends keeping an eye on the paperwork. "Paperwork is vital for the warranty of your vehicle. For example, it has to have the serial number and the exact kilometer count when the work was performed. Also, original parts must be used to replace the oil filter and so on."

To keep up with new developments in the car industry every one of Paul's technicians is required to complete a certification process every year.

"There is so much more technology in our cars today that ongoing training is vital,” he says. “Each of the technicians is required to complete a minimum of one instructor-led training course every year in addition to the self-study and virtual courses here at the car dealership."

For more information on Capilano VW’s award-winning service department, call 604.985.0694, send them an email, check out their website or visit their showroom at 1151 Marine Drive, North Vancouver. Capilano VW can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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