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As summer gets into full swing in Vancouver, you might find yourself so caught up in all the season’s activities that you don’t have the time to swelter over a stovetop. Luckily, there are many great restaurants serving up fabulous fare for you try out this season. But how do you decide where to dine?

Thankfully, you don’t have to! The North Shore is home to a number of hidden epicurean gems. A short way from Downtown Vancouver, North and West Vancouver are a foodie’s paradise. So enjoy a break from cooking and feast on some of the best recipes from kitchens around the world.

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The North Shore News has curated a list of International Dining Stars where you can start your culinary journey.

Explore the flavours of Thailand, Greece, Italy, Mexico, India or China. You can find a restaurant that fulfills your craving for souvlaki, burritos or pad thai. Or maybe you prefer strozzapretti, hot pot or tikka masala. Whatever your fancy, the North Shore has an option for you. Savour mouth-watering scents and vibrant flavours from across the world, without needing a plane ticket.

It’s more than just the food that can make or break a meal. You might be trying to share an experience with friends, treat your special someone or relax with some well-deserved alone time – but regardless of the occasion, the ambiance and service adds just as much to your restaurant experience. Try one of the restaurants from the North Shore News’ curated list and enjoy the atmosphere that they have created through the joy of sharing culture and food.

So if you don’t feel like cooking this summer, don’t sweat it. You can find the answer to your cravings with these International Dining Stars.

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