New high-tech premises, vehicles for Jim Pattison Volvo of North Vancouver

“We can see the Volvo brand growing rapidly over the next three years,” says Christopher Sage, General Manager of Jim Pattison Volvo of North Vancouver. “With the introduction of smaller vehicles with more powerful fuel efficient engines in an affordable price range, we’ll be welcoming new clientele to the Volvo family.”

Chris is referring to the 12 new models that Volvo has planned for the Canadian market.

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“Right now, our biggest selling model is the XC90,” Christopher says. “It’s an award-winning SUV with a turbo- and super-charged T8 engine producing 400 Horsepower. It’s also a plug-in hybrid car, offering a combined fuel economy of 4.3 Liters per 100 Km. However, over the next three years we’ll be seeing cars from Volvo like we’ve never seen before.”

All new models will offer plug-in hybrid capabilities and will come in a variety of styles, while retaining the Volvo reputation for luxury, comfort and safety.

“We’ll be offering three types of engines,” Chris explains. “There’ll be the T5 turbo-charged four-cylinder gas engine (240 HP), the T6 turbo- and super-charged model (318 HP), and the T8 hybrid engine (400 HP).”

The latter will feature an engine with an electric component that can either be operated as a fully electric car or as a hybrid vehicle, in addition to offering gas power only.

To accommodate all the new high technology and the electrification of vehicles, Chris and his team at Jim Pattison Volvo of North Vancouver will be moving to new premises at the beginning of October 2016.

“We open on October 10th 2016,” Chris says. “It will be a boutique dealership—big box dealerships are becoming a thing of the past. We’ll be catering to our clientele in different ways. In the future, guests won’t necessarily have to come to the dealership to look at a car; we’ll take the car to their doorstep.”

The new premises, at 1765 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, will be state-of-the-art according to Chris. New routers have been installed to offer high-speed Wi-Fi both on the lot and in the building, for example.

“Everything will be wireless,” says Chris. “Software in the car will communicate with the dealership and we’ll know that the car is arriving. The vehicle will communicate directly with our database automatically and check for any required software update. While the car is parked on the lot, we will be able to update the software.”

The new dealership promises to have the latest technology and diagnostic systems in the newest Volvo facility in Canada.

“We’re going to be the first,” says Chris. “Other brands will follow, but we’ll be a leader in the industry.”

For more information about Jim Pattison Volvo of North Vancouver and to check out their new premises, call 604.986.9889, visit the website, email or stop by 1765 Marine Drive, North Vancouver.

Jim Pattison Volvo of North Vancouver can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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