New business is a clean start

Bozena Latko, new owner of Life Maid Easy, is making her entrepreneurship dreams come true.

When Bozena Latko arrived in Canada from Poland more than 20 years ago, she knew she wanted to have her own business. But life got in the way. She had her two children and stayed at home with them for 11 years, then went to work as a SuperStore supervisor. Over the years, she considered running her own business. “I thought about opening a daycare at one point, and then later I was planning to buy a restaurant because I love to cook and entertain,” she says. All her ideas drew on her experience as a homemaker. Then earlier this year, along came the perfect opportunity: Buying the Life Made Easy franchise for West Vancouver and the North Shore. “I’ve looked after my home for decades and I know how to clean,” she says. “My work in the grocery store means I can talk to customers and understand their needs. Now that my children have grown up, it’s my opportunity to think about how I want my future to be.”

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The Life Maid Easy business uses only environmentally friendly, pet-friendly, non-hazardous products. Initially Latko wasn’t convinced. “I couldn’t believe that they would work as effectively as the products I was familiar with, but I’ve been amazed at the results – how clean and shiny everything becomes,” she says. “I also realise I don’t get headaches anymore even after hours of cleaning. I’m the person who’s most exposed to the products, so it’s important for my own health that they are clean and safe.”

Latko and her team offer a full range of services including regular, annual or occasional, move-in/move-out, laundry and bed changes. The hourly rate is $89 for two cleaners, and the team guarantees a good service. “I will always go the extra mile,” she says. “I think it’s a Polish trait. We don’t just show up – we never leave our work incomplete.”

Now that the idea of having her own business has become reality, what’s next on the cards for Latko? A move from South Vancouver to the North Shore “It’s my dream to live in Deep Cove – I think it’s just the most beautiful place,” she says.

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