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Here’s why batteries are greener than you think

Lead batteries are some of the greenest sources of renewable energy
Polar Battery helps you recycle batteries.

Batteries may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of environmentally friendly products, but they are actually one of the greenest sources of renewable energy there is.

“A lot of people don’t realize that lead acid batteries are the most recycled consumer product on earth,” Polar Battery Ltd. general manager Erik Henrikson says.

“Ninety-nine percent of lead acid batteries produced are recycled. We have enough supply of lead worldwide that we don’t need to mine it. There’s enough lead out there in circulation that it is infinitely recyclable.”

One of the most enduring batteries, the lead-acid battery, was invented in 1859 and is still the technology used to start most internal combustion engine cars today. It is the oldest example of a rechargeable battery.

Even the plastic casing is broken down and reused, making it the one of the consumer products with the highest content of recycled material.

Since 1978, family-owned Polar Battery has serviced the wholesale battery needs of thousands of individuals, businesses and government agencies while encouraging the proper disposal and recycling of old batteries in British Columbia.

Its warehouse holds the widest range of battery brands for all power applications including automotive, boats, motorcycles, schootes, wheelchairs, commercial and industrial equipment, communications systems, power tools, solar and renewable energy projects, and much, much more.

At Polar Battery, it’s a priority to maintain a policy of environmental awareness and ecological responsibility. Polar Battery is a proud member of the Canadian Battery Association and recycles all batteries responsibly.

“It’s important for us to responsibly look after the product that we distribute and sell to customers. We encourage them to bring them back to us for proper disposal and recycling,” Henrikson says.

Polar Battery will accept any kind of batteries for recycling, even ones that weren’t purchased from them. They’re free to drop off, with the exception of certain batteries with complicated formulations.

“This time of year is always a good time to remind people. You probably just changed the smoke detector battery and everyone has a junk drawer with used batteries. Bring them into a proper facility and have them looked after,” Henrikson says.

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